As our loved ones age we often see needs starting to change in the home.  Many homes are two-story with the main living area and bedrooms on the upper floor. Getting upstairs from the main entrance on the ground level can be a daunting task. People have always looked for ways to stay in their home as they’ve aged, but with the Baby Boomers’ influential numbers and recent more affordable innovations in technology, home elevators are becoming a very desirable amenity.

In very broad terms, there are three main types of elevators. The first is hydraulic requiring a small coat closet for a machine room. If your home is a new construction, then it is a little easier to plan the space needed for that type of elevator.

The second type of elevator is referred to as a traction elevator or MRL (machine room–less) elevator, and as the name implies, it does not need a separate machine room. It works by sliding up and down a track with a counterweight. This system requires additional space above the top of the elevator to house the equipment that runs It and is typical not as quiet as a hydraulic elevator.

The pneumatic vacuum elevator is the third type and the most recent innovation. This technology is designed with a polycarbonate tube and a separate tube inside for the cab. The 37-inch-diameter tube can be installed without any need to build a shaft or a machine room, so if you need an elevator in an existing home, this may be the one for you. It needs no machine room, as the pump box that runs the elevator is only 11 inches tall and the same diameter as the tube.

If any of these technologies sound like a fit for you, contact Genesis elevator company and let us provide a turnkey solution for you.