When it comes time to change providers for your elevator maintenance needs or if you simply want a quote on competitive service, you will hear elevator companies talk about performing an “elevator survey” in order to provide a proposal. 

While the work of elevator technicians requires them to be highly skilled and trained in order to perform actual work on site, an elevator survey is simply an overall inspection of your current equipment along with an opportunity to find any obvious items needing to be fixed (broken buttons, oil in machine room, etc.) that can be addressed during the initial preventative maintenance visit.  

Additionally, information on the unit is gathered (serial numbers, controller type, etc.) that allow the elevator company to reach out to the original manufacturer and other third parties for parts availability.  Below is a picture of an elevator controller tag for reference:


Overall, an elevator survey is a brief process that takes 10–15 minutes with no interruptions to your elevator service. Being able to gather information for our technicians in order for them to know what items need to be addressed before they even come on site allows us to provide customers with shorter lead times and quality service! 

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