There are many elevator companies in today’s marketplace. How can you ensure your selection is reputable, safe, and reliable? Genesis Elevator focuses on what is best for your project without overselling.

Project Management Stages

As a client, a project management professional will guide you through the following stages:

  1. Initial Contact: From your first call Genesis will evaluate your needs and work closely with you developing the best solution for your project.
  2. Site Review: Your Genesis professional will meet with you on site and discuss what options and modifications best fits your needs and budget. A comprehensive proposal will then be presented for your acceptance.
  3. Installation: Your Genesis professional will coordinate with you when the project will begin and how long the installation will take.
  4. Commissioning: Your Genesis professional will perform a comprehensive audit to ensure a safe, reliable and quality product. Our relationship does not end after your product is installed and functioning, we will provide a complete system overview to ensure end user safety.
  5. Warranty and Service: All Genesis products feature an extensive warranty. Extended service options are available.

Customer can call or email a service request.

Our service coordinator dispatches a certified elevator technician.

The certified elevator technician will diagnose the problem.

Genesis Elevator Company will provide a work authorization.

Customer signs elevator repair agreement.

Elevator parts are over-nighted to your location.

Elevator parts are tracked electronically.

The certified elevator technician is scheduled.

The certified elevator technician completes the elevator repair.

We thank you for your business.


Genesis Elevator Company is here to assist with planning and pre-construction schematics. We aim to offer a clear understanding through our “Lunch and Learn Presentation” where one of our team members will provide an instruction session in your office.