Deciding to get an elevator for your home can be fun and exciting, but also stressful. Adding a home elevator is like adding a new room to your house. And if you plan on using it everyday for mobility or convenience, it will also play a big role in your everyday life. As such, you want it to look and feel like your own! Keep reading to explore some of the features that will make your elevator best suited for your wants and needs.


But first: Can I design my own?


Yes, you can! When it comes to picking your home elevator, you have the power to customize it to your own desires. Genesis’s cab builder allows you to customize your home elevators design from scratch from the comfort of your home! 

Our cab builder allows you to choose your favorite materials, lighting, and other features for your home elevator—without confining you to choose between specific models. The great thing about the cab builder is that it allows you to see exactly what your final home elevator design will look like! This means youll be happier with your final product and be confident in the decision to add a home elevator to your space. And if you find yourself creating a design that you love and want to pursue, you can save the design for later! 

Keep reading for ways you can customize your home elevator.


Material Selection


First, begin by choosing the material youd like for your home elevator. Genesis offers seven different beautiful finishes: white, maple wood, alder wood, red oak wood, mahogany wood, walnut wood, or cherry wood. 




Handrails are an important feature of any elevator, and you can customize them according to your wants. There are many different options to choose from, depending on the color and finish youd like. Handrail options are available in brushed or mirrored finishes of different thicknesses.




Great design is all about the details! Our cab builder lets you customize each and every option, even the type of fixtures used within your custom home elevator. For the elevator buttons and controls, you can choose between several metal finishes, like brushed bronze or matte black. 




You can also customize the lighting in your elevator. Most modern elevators utilize LED lights because they are energy-efficient and function as emergency lighting.




The last option is to choose what type of gate youd like in your custom home elevator! Some common gate types include swing doors, accordion-style doors, and traditional elevator sliding doors.

Now, youll have a complete home elevator design from start to finish! Interested in designing your own custom home elevator? Explore your options with our cab builder today! Happy home elevator designing!