Today it seems like everyone thinks they are supposed to go to college. This should come as no surprise since we have absolutely crammed this idea down everyone’s throat for the last few decades. Whereas perhaps a college degree used to be the “meal ticket” for success the problem now days is that demand for higher education (and with watered down academic standards) comes a multitude of educational institutions which have quite literally sprouted up on every street corner and online and there is a limitless list of degrees one can choose from. The result….kids are graduating with debt up to their eyeballs and often times with a degree that means nothing to hiring employers. Another consequence of this phenomenon is that with the mass movement to higher education the skilled trades of this country are in higher demand now than they ever have been. There is currently an extreme shortage of plumbers, electricians, crane operators….and elevator technicians. Not a surprising statistic, although seemingly ignored, the salaries of said positions have increase dramatically in the last 2 decades, much more in fact than those with college degrees (and without near the debt). I do not intend to dismiss the importance of education, nor discourage anyone from pursuing an academic program to reach a respective dream. However- I do offer up a consideration that college may not be for everyone and for every dream. God saw fit to give us each a different skill set and we should use ours accordingly. Good with your hands? A natural troubleshooter? Perhaps you are naturally able to visualize how something is supposed to go together, get wired up, welded together…etc.? Consider a trades school or an apprenticeship of a skilled trade. Genesis Elevator is always looking for sharp-minded and hungry young men and women who want to pursue a position as an elevator technician for elevator installation, elevator service, and elevator modernization. Give Genesis Elevator a call today if you are interested in joining our wonderful team! You are valued at Genesis!