We say we are many things. We talk about being Customer Centric. We take action to be Community Centric. We come together to be Christ Centric. Knowing what, not who, we are is incredibly important. We define ourselves by our words and our actions. But another important question we need to ask ourselves is….Who do we want to be?
Genesis Elevator Company has never been a typical business. While we started in a basement like so many other great businesses, we also decided intentionally to be atypical. We decided that we wanted to work at a place that was something more than just a pay check. That decision to be apart of something more starts when you first become part of the company. We realize that what we do: build elevators, service clients, and help build Atlanta are all part of a bigger mission. We all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves and once one becomes part of Genesis you begin to feel how that becomes  a reality in daily life. We’re striving to be something more than just a place to work.
So who do we want to be?
As our company continues to evolve, so do we we, and so does our vision of what we want to become. We believe that Genesis Elevator Company is a technology business. A technology company? Do we write code? Are we an IT company? We couldn’t be further from Silicon Valley. But, technology means applied science and mathematics in real life. That’s exactly who we are. Our business is a combination of the mechanical, the electronic, the software, the tool, and the people that all make it happen. That is technology. If we choose to be a company that delights our customers, that uses technology in every aspect of our business to serve our customers, then we have an opportunity to build something special. What we can become is a technology business that brings all the elements of what’s important to a customers: rapid service, reliable results, constant communication, and unparalleled safety. The just want us to make it happen and make it easy. It’s simple really.
We have an opportunity to be different. We can change the paradigms of an entire industry. While we are small now, our vision for the future is big. When we decide to serve our customers, delight them and deliver what they need, we will become something great and that growth provides security for everyone with us and opportunities for all of us to grow as people and as a company.
One step in our long journey ahead is the launch of our new website and mobile app. That is the present. This initiative was designed to accomplish three things:
1. Make it easier to do business with our company
2. Allow our back office to more rapidly serve customers
3. Create the infrastructure to allow us to grow rapidly
I encourage you all to spend some time on the new site. It’s interactive. You can actually buy service contracts. Eventually, we can price our elevators, just like you would the next car you plan to buy. Our customers can create an account so they can see their history, pay their bills, and get access to the same information that we have in the office. We want to make it as easy as paying your phone bill. We are very proud to announce the launch of our new website and mobile app, but even more proud of who we are becoming. All of who we are and what we want to become is centered around one idea. TRUST. We’ve asked our customers to TRUST that we can deliver our services. We’ve asked our team members to TRUST that we value them. And finally, we TRUST in God to bless the work we do so we can do so much more in His name.