A working elevator is a transportation hub, a time-saver, and a signal of luxury. Conversely, an elevator that’s broken down is a major hassle for everyone in the building. Conducting regular and thorough maintenance is essential to overall safety and is also cost effective. Keep reading for tips on how to decide which elevator maintenance plan is right for you.


The Importance of Maintenance


A malfunctioning elevator is a safety hazard. Federal regulations state that inspections should be done at least once every twelve months (states and cities may have additional stipulations). It’s usually cheaper to fix issues caught during regular maintenance versus after a stoppage; rates for service calls start at $300 per hour, and go up significantly for after hours or emergency service.


Are you stuck wondering what maintenance plan is right for your residential or commercial elevator? Elevator service providers will usually offer a few different levels of maintenance. Here are a few questions to get you started thinking about elevator maintenance plans:


Is your elevator commercial vs residential?


Commercial elevators and home elevators experience different needs because their usage is so different. It’s important to get a maintenance plan that is tailored to your elevator’s usage. Genesis offers separate tiered plans for commercial and residential elevators, with commercial plans starting at $150 per month for a basic package and home elevator plans at $399 per year for basic maintenance. The variance in cost reflects differences in usage (commercial elevators get heavier use) and in the minimum required maintenance level, as defined by code.


How old is your elevator?


Elevators typically have a use life of anywhere from 20–30 years. The younger your elevator is, the less wear-and-tear it has experienced, and you can factor this into what kind of maintenance package you choose.


If your elevator is on the older side, you may be better off with a more robust maintenance plan. Genesis offers a Comprehensive Maintenance Plan for both home and commercial elevator which covers the entire cost of repairs.


Keep in mind: Preventative maintenance is important for all elevators, young and old­. Not only does it ensure the safety and functioning of your elevator, it can also save you more money on costly, out-of-hand issues and extend your elevator’s life to 40 years. Elevator repairs can cost thousands, so preventative maintenance is an investment worth considering for any elevator.


What’s the nature of your usage?


On one end of the spectrum, there are commercial elevators that transport hundreds or thousands of people per day. On the opposite end, there are home elevators that may only ever carry a few people at a time, a few times per day. It’s important to consider your elevator’s actual usage versus the intended usage. A home elevator that is constantly overloaded past the weight limit will likely need more preventative maintenance due to the wear and tear.


If many people depend on your elevator for quick transportation for work, traveling, or hospital care—or if a member of your household depends on your elevator for getting around the house every day—this should also factor into your choice of plan. The more you prevent future issues, the less likely you’ll have to go through the more expensive, time-consuming repairs that could have possibly been prevented.


Got any questions about maintenance or service plans for your commercial or home elevator? Genesis can help! Give us a call at 770-423-1095 at our Georgia office or 941-234-4254 at our Florida office, or reach out to us online today!