The elevator industry is rising to new heights.

According to a recent study, the commercial and residential elevator market in the United States is expected to grow by $1.34 billion in the upcoming few years. This growth can be attributed to a rising demand for modernization, a greater desire for mobility, and the increasing adoption of “smart” automation solutions in homes.

Whether you are a homeowner or business interested in implementing an elevator within your home or building’s design, you may be wondering about what goes into the installation process. Read on for insight into the elevator installation process and what it entails.


1. Initial Contact

When you first reach out to an elevator service company, you will coordinate with a project management professional who will evaluate your needs and work closely with you on the phone to develop the best solution for your project. Many elevator companies list their elevator product offerings in detail on their website and give you the option to fetch a quote so that you can be armed with information ahead of your first call. 


2. Site Review 

After a phone consultation, a professional will meet with you on site, whether that is at your home or business, to discuss what options and modifications best fit your needs and budget. A comprehensive proposal will then be presented for your review and approval. It is also at this time that the professional can coordinate with you about when the project will begin and how long the installation will likely take.


3. Installation

Barring the pre- and post-installation discussions and prep work, a home elevator installation generally takes between one to two weeks. The installation time for commercial properties can vary depending on the number of technicians involved and the elevator design among other factors. 


4. Commissioning

After installation, your elevator professional should perform a comprehensive audit to ensure that your elevator is safe to use. At Genesis Elevator, our relationship does not end after your product is installed and functioning correctly. We provide a complete system overview to ensure everyone’s safety. 


5. Warranty and Service

All Genesis products feature an extensive warranty. Extended service options are also available.


Elevator installation is increasingly common among homes and businesses, and Genesis is here to help you with any questions you may have! Want more information about the overall process? Check out our article on the 4 questions you should ask before hiring an elevator service company or reach out to us directly!