Want to add an elevator to your home? If you’re looking for information about one of the latest products for modifying your home, look no further than Genesis Elevator. We provide information about all types of home and small commercial elevators, including the types on the market, building codes, and installation suggestions. As a service provider, we focus on all elevator technologies, as well as, dumbwaiters, and wheelchair lifts.

Adding a residential elevator has increased in popularity in recent years, so why not find out all you can about the subject before installing one? Home elevators come in four basic types: hydraulic lift, winding drum, counter weight, and pneumatic. Each of these has a different operational mechanism. Hydraulic lifts operate by a pump and cylinder from below, while winding drum and traction drive systems operate from above through pulleys, gears, and counterweights. A pneumatic lift, on the other hand, operates through air regulation by a valve on top of the hoist way. Nearly any home can have a residential elevator added. With the right planning, a hoist way of appropriate size can be added to the interior of a home or exterior of a home.