Are youand your elevator—ready for business? 

In the wake of COVID-19 vaccines, authorities are lifting restrictions and the American public will start returning to work as usual. Employees will make the transition back to the office, and people will begin to travel more for work and pleasure. 

This will bring a welcome influx of business to hotels, shopping malls, and other establishments that had experienced less foot traffic in 2020. It is important to make sure that your building is prepared to handle the increase in patronage by having your elevator inspected and maintained. Read on to see which maintenance plan might best suit your needs.               

The Importance of Elevator Maintenance

As bidaily use of elevators increases, elevators will need to be verified as safe and ready to handle the increase in foot traffic. 

It is wise to schedule elevator maintenance not only for necessary upkeep but also as a preventative measure. Regular elevator maintenance will:

  •       Keep you from spending money on repeated or avoidable repairs.
  •       Bring your elevator up to code and meet legal requirements.
  •       Increase the reliability and durability of your elevator.
  •       Provide safety and satisfaction to your patrons. 

What Should Commercial Elevator Maintenance Include?

While maintenance plans differ depending on the need, any commercial elevator maintenance plan should include some of the same key elements to provide your elevator safety and cleanliness.

A Basic Commercial Maintenance Plan Should Offer:

  •       A safety inspection
  •       A recall check
  •       Valve adjustments
  •       Hoistway and door cleaning
  •       Floor levelling

Which Commercial Maintenance Plan is Right for You?

Basic Hydraulic, Traction, LULA Elevator Maintenance Plan

Genesis Elevator Company offers a basic commercial maintenance plan that is perfect for those looking for an annual plan to meet legal requirements. It includes annual preventative maintenance and is ideal for those needing to cut costs while maintaining equipment and meeting safety requirements.

Comprehensive Elevator Maintenance Plan 

For commercial buildings with high-traffic elevators or companies who wish to prevent paying excessive repair rates in the event of an elevator malfunction, we offer the Comprehensive Elevator Plan. The plan includes annual preventative maintenance as well as coverage of all repairs needed. 

Make Sure You Are Ready!

By investing in a maintenance plan, you protect your patrons and your valuable equipment while safeguarding your business from potential liabilities. 

Make sure your elevator is ready to welcome the traffic in the coming months. Check out our commercial maintenance plans for more information or contact us to schedule your elevator maintenance today.

And if you have a home elevator, it is just as important to receive consistent maintenance! Explore our residential service plans here.