Home elevators are increasing in popularity due to their convenience and appeal. Residential elevators provide many advantages, including mobility for those with physical disabilities or limitations, an added touch of luxury, and a boost to your home’s value. 

Not only is it important to schedule yearly maintenance performed by an elevator service company, but it is key to assess your elevator throughout the year to catch problems or quirks as they arise. By keeping up with the condition of your elevator, you can proactively address problems as they arise and save yourself both time and money. Keep reading for ways to maintain your home elevator year-round and save yourself money and peace of mind.


How to Make Sure Your Elevator is in Good Condition 

Did you know you can inspect your elevator yourself? Performing regular, daily self-inspections for your home elevator can be beneficial and prevent long-term costly problems and repairs. A daily inspection of your home elevator is quick and easy with three basic steps:


  1. Look to make sure all buttons are functioning properly.
  2. Take note of the way the door opens and closes to look for any potential issues.
  3. Be aware of any other signs or internal damages or malfunctions.


How to Troubleshoot a Problem at Home

While you should always alert your elevator service professional of any issue your elevator is having, there are some initial steps you can take if you suspect your elevator is not functioning properly. The following tips can be used to help troubleshoot commonly seen home elevator problems:


  • Start by checking your circuit breaker in case your elevator has lost power. Some newer home elevators may have back-up batteries in the event of a power outage.
  • Be sure to check for items that may be obstructing your elevator’s door.
  • In the event of a malfunction, also be sure to note if your elevator has a reset button to reset to factory settings.


The more you know about your elevator, the more you can share with your service professional when you contact them about your malfunction. Always contact a professional for consultation about a malfunction rather than attempt to address it on your own. 


How to Help Your Elevator Run Smoothly

To ensure your home elevator stays functional for many years to come, it is important to follow some general safety and maintenance guidelines. Be sure to write down concerns and repeating issues so you can keep close tabs on the operation of your elevator. The following measures are designed to make sure your elevator is running smoothly:


  • Stay aware of weight capacities for your elevator, as these may vary from elevator to elevator.
  • Maintain proper cleaning techniques for your home elevator. Do not use industrial cleaning supplies, as they can erode wiring in your elevator over time.
  • Avoid operating your elevator if you hear any loud or strange noises that indicate a potential problem.
  • Wait for the elevator to completely stop before exiting.
  • Never tamper with any safety equipment or features that come with your elevator.


Regular elevator maintenance helps save you money long-term, and provides peace of mind for the safety of your home elevator and those who use it regularly. Genesis Elevator offers a variety of home elevator maintenance plans to choose from. 

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