If you have an elevator in your home or at a business you own, you may be feeling overwhelmed by all of the information out there or even a lack thereof. We’re here to help! Keep reading to find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about servicing elevators like: How much does it cost to service an elevator?  


What Are Some of the Most Typical Services Needed on a Commercial Elevator? How Much Do They Cost?

A maintenance control plan is a very first step to ensure your elevator is being kept in the best working order possible. A reputable elevator service company will create a custom maintenance plan to fit your unique needs based on the elevator type, how much the elevator is used, and other factors.

The items that most commonly need a replacement include door equipment, elevator buttons, and the elevator’s hydraulic packing. Think about it this way: for each trip, the elevator doors open or close four times. This increased movement in the doors compared to other parts of the elevator creates an increased risk that the door components will need to be replaced. This can be something as simple as door gibs ($50-100) to help the elevator doors stay on track. On the more complex end, a door edge replacement will cost between $2,000-$3,000 +. The door edge provides an infrared beam across the sill. When broken, it causes the elevator doors to reopen and needs to be replaced.


What Are Some of the Most Typical Services Needed on a Residential Elevator? How Much Do They Cost?

The top concern with home elevators is always safety. At the end of the day, the customer has a mechanical piece of equipment in their home, and the state of Georgia does not currently conduct annual inspections on residential elevators. Would you drive your car 12,000 miles without getting an oil change? Of course not so, you should not depend on your elevator daily and then never get it serviced or inspected. Here’s what should be done every year:

The safety circuitry needs to be checked to ensure that it is functioning properly. 

  • Grease fittings need to be checked and filled.
  • Controllers routined.
  • Car tops and pits cleaned out to ensure optimal performance.

Are there any other factors associated with the cost of servicing an elevator besides the actual service itself?

There are three main factors that determine elevator maintenance costs:

  • Quality of the installation 
  • Whether or not routine maintenance is or has been performed 
  • Age of the elevator

The more mileage a vehicle has, the more likely it will be to shut down and/or need repairs. This goes for elevators too. Often, we see boards go bad in the controller, relays go out, interlocks break, flat spots on rollers develop, or packings go bad. Location can sometimes be a factor. The oil’s viscosity will change based on the temperature or if the unit has an outside breezeway. If so, then certainly debris, or (if near the ocean) the salty air can play a factor. 


Are There A Lot of Surprise Costs When Servicing an Elevator? 

No! With the right company the costs should be competitive and reasonable. Some people are surprised to learn that they need to service their elevators altogether. Many customers look at this the same way they would an appliance like a washer, dryer, or refrigerator. But, the fact is, this equipment is moving your loved ones and as such special care needs to be given to ensure that safety will not be an issue.

Once serviced, how long do some of the most typical repairs last? Should customers be prepared for service every year?

No. With routine service, repairs are typically not needed annually. A good rule of thumb is to expect a small repair every few years, perhaps more without service. A lot depends upon how often the elevator is being used as well. But, routine maintenance is key to keep your elevator running safely and optimally. 


Elevator Repair You Can Count On

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