Elevators are delicate and precise tools and need great, quality service to function properly. There are dozens of elevator service companies in many cities all across the country, but what kind of service do they offer?

There are many questions you should ask before hiring an elevator service company because their service will dictate how they communicate with your business and how long it takes them to make even simple repairs. Not all elevator service companies are created equally; to find out how reliable yours is, here are four important questions to ask.

Do They Have Fast Service?

One of the largest headaches for your business is hiring a service company that doesn’t value your time. Many service companies will be slow when fixing your elevator, sending people in late, and having them work sporadically during the week.

Great elevator service companies have 24/7 call centers that allow them to dispatch technicians and respond to inquiries within minutes of the elevator breaking. It doesn’t have to take, and shouldn’t take, days for these companies to fix your elevator. 

Are They Reliable?

Elevators are complicated machines but they operate in a predictable manner. When you discuss the problems you’re having with your elevator to the company you’ve hired, do they understand what you’re communicating? Do they promise to fix the problem within their first visit, and do they keep their promise?

Many elevator service companies talk a big game before they arrive, but only the most reliable and knowledgeable technicians will absolutely know the problems you’re having and bring the tools and experience to fix them during the first visit. 

How is Their Communication?

Like auto mechanics and other technical fields, doing the job at hand is usually easier for elevator service companies than consistently reliably communicating with clients. Many of these companies can only be reached over the phone and will give little to no warning when they’re ready to fix your service your elevator.

Inquire about how communication is handled. Through phone? Text messages? E-mail? Do they give advanced warnings when they are ready and keep you updated on when you can expect them? These are all important things to ask and consider! Also, ask about their scheduling windows so that you don’t have to wait around for the team to show up.

How Safe is Their Equipment?

All elevator technicians you hire should be a member of the NAEC and should be more than capable of fixing and preventing malfunctions with your elevator. Many companies hire technicians who may seem and look knowledgeable but don’t have the proper training to fix your elevator right the first time and keep it functioning for very long. You’ll also want to ensure that the company uses trusted brands like: Vertical express, Home Elevators Direct, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator, and Garaventa. These companies make the proper tools to fix your elevator right the first time and keep it in tip-top shape. If your elevator company technicians aren’t using, or aren’t aware, of these brands, it’s time to turn to a more trusted name in elevator service.

Hire an Experienced Elevator Service Company

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