We get so many calls at Genesis Elevator from churches and other non-profit organizations who have ADA needs for elevators or wheelchair lifts in Georgia and ask for our help financially. We do everything we can, and certainly wish we could do more because the reality is that we know that these are expensive products, and that many organizations need them, but just don’t have the budget for them. Our new hero is a young man named Curt from Porterfield UMC. A few years ago Curt was diagnosed with a condition that restricted him to a wheelchair. Curt is extremely active in his church and just has a heart for the Lord like no other. In fact, Curt has since been writing and selling stories so that his church could raise funds to put in wheelchair lifts to make it more accessible for himself and others with ADA needs. Curt is only 8 years old! After hearing this story how can one not help!? We were so moved that we immediately headed to Albany to figure out what they needed specifically and figure out how Genesis could help. We are very pleased to announce that we will be providing this church with 2 wheelchair lifts (at cost only) to help out Porterfield and Curts’ efforts. It is our intent that the extra funds raised and money saved by our offer will go toward a ministry of Curt’s choosing. If you, or anyone you know wish to donate please contact Porterfield UMC at 229-436-6336.